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CLEVER KID'S SCHOOL - English Medium is a new project. It currently has only one school on Sanawari Road in Arusha - Tazania, with students from 3 to 11 years old. A new school in Nduruma in the district of Arusha is in the initial construction phase. The School's Proprietary Director, Mr. Juma Masoud Juma, has a vision of growth and development for the whole community, betting on education as the way to create better citizens prepared for a future of progress and success.


Are you an adventurous, hard working, patient, experienced traveler looking to have the best few weeks of your life?

Our volunteer program is far cheaper than the alternatives and more than 95% of the money raised/paid goes directly to your accommodation and the children. Clever Kids School  focuses primarily on providing Quality Education and Care for each Kid with less price and give an opportunity to reach their dreams, together we can make the world better place for them.


Depending upon the individuals’ interests and skills, volunteers may usually be involved in any of the following activities:


• Help in kitchen work/duties, laundry and house cleaning

• Help in teaching , play  with children and , maintaining personal hygiene

• Teach English in  different class age..

• Organize games, drawing & singing lessons, dancing, and other extracurricular activities

• Help with monitoring academic progress, and ensuring children complete their homework

• Child care services for baby care class.

• Help in other activities or programs designed for children

• Helping in online fundraising campaign.

• Outreach once in every week.

• Strategic planning manager Alternatively, do you want to do more than volunteer?

Do you have experience in grant writing, online fundraising, and volunteer coordinating or working on a sponsorship program?

We will very much be happy to welcome you at Clever Kids  School.



• All volunteers will be expected to treat all children and staffs in School and at host family with fair and respects. • No racial actions will be tolerated.

• Every one will expected to wear a very recommended type of clothes, too shorts and swimming clothes are not recommended.

• Any abusive language and fighting will not be allowed.

• Be faithful and honest while working with other people in the Project

• Please try to follow the existing time table, although some other things you will be ought to switch yourself accordingly.

• Time management is very important.

• Feel free to ask any of your leader if you are in doubt about something.




Any volunteer can join us anytime all throughout the year and no specific arrival day.

We will arrange the pick up form airport  to your destination that will cost 30$ .

Also Volunteer should provide 10$ per day: (will be for ;)

- Accommodation

School materials

- Project Services

The next day after your arrival will be spent as orientation day to our environment and remind you about our ''do'' and ''don't''.

All payments should be given to project manager. (As addressed above the money will be for accommodation and materials for kids).

I hope you would like to keep your friends and your family close and updated about your new journey to Africa.

Therefore during orientation we will also show you where you could have a Tanzania SIM card. We will show you what is part of your job and what is not.

+255 715 767 679

Arusha, Tanzania