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CLEVER KID'S SCHOOL - English Medium is a new project. It currently has only one school on Sanawari Road in Arusha - Tazania, with students from 3 to 11 years old. A new school in Nduruma in the district of Arusha is in the initial construction phase. The School's Proprietary Director, Mr. Juma Masoud Juma, has a vision of growth and development for the whole community, betting on education as the way to create better citizens prepared for a future of progress and success.

One of the main tools is the method of teaching in English, aiming at a modern teaching of quality and accessible for all. Education in Tanzania is still very precarious and the country has an urgent need to eradicate illiteracy. The Clever Kid's School does not aim at profits, unlike other private schools, which is why it charges reasonable fees from its students, seeking for affordable quality education for everyone in the community. Thus, the school needs the support of private institutions, individuals supporters and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The school also has the support of volunteers from all over the world who speak English working in support of pupils' education in various ways through the teaching method applied.

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November 3rd 2018

November 3rd 2018

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“Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

Oscar Wilde

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We believe that by providing quality education and providing good experiences to our students we are preparing a better future for the whole community, so we are looking for the best ways to make this happen.



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With Limited Funding From The Government The School Is Only A Few Steps Away

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A new school located in Nduruma, Arumeru District is being built to fill the gaps of affordable education in Arusha. The school hopes to provide quality education for students starting from the baby class, going to middle class, pre-class and primary school education. In eight years we want to have more than 250 students, increasing the amount, but always concerned about the quality.

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Since some time Clever Kid's has received volunteers at its school on Sanawari Road. Currently our project is open to receive our own volunteers, in this way everyone wins because we will be connected 24 hours a day, and the volunteers will be free to help our school and community according to their conditions and skills, while we can offer the maximum care, attention and good experiences possible in exchange for your help. Education, arts, music, sports, care and attention. Our children have a plethora of needs that the volunteer can help.

+255 715 767 679

Arusha, Tanzania